Arizona Goldendoodles Policies

We love our family which includes our dogs so we have put several policies in place for their safety and yours.


Policy on Meeting Your New Puppy

For the well-being of not only our parent dogs but your new bundle of joy as well, we are unable to allow visits prior to picking up your new puppy.  Unfortunately, there will be no exception to this policy.  The type of bacteria and viruses that we humans carry around with us can greatly harm the new puppies since they are not fully vaccinated yet.  The health of our dogs is more important than the sale of a puppy.



Policy on Picking Up Your New Puppy

When the wonderful day comes for you to pick up your new puppy, we will set up an appointment time with you.  Your appointment will last around 30 minutes where you will meet your new bundle of joy, go over and sign the health guarantee, and pay the balance for your puppy in full.  If you have any questions about your new puppy, we ask that you e-mail prior to your visit so that we can keep to the agreed upon appointment schedule not only for you but other new parents.  We try to schedule the entire litter to go home on the same day so that the puppies go to their new forever home and no one is left behind for too long.  Our goal is to have the transition from our home to yours to go as quickly and smoothly as possible.



Spaying and Neutering Your New Puppy

We insist that all of our puppies go through the spay and neutering process.  We believe that in order for goldendoodles to be the best hybrid breed it can be, only AKC Golden Retrievers and AKC Poodles should be bred.  Here at Arizona Goldendoodles we not only research the genetic and temperament makeup on our parent dogs, we further research their lineage back five generations.  That is why at Arizona Goldendoodles, we only breed first generation goldendoodles. 


Our Refund Policy

Once we receive your mailed deposit, we will send you a receipt via e-mail and add you to our waitlist that matches your requests for your new puppy.  You will remain on the waitlist where you can request a refund up until your puppy has been born.  Once the puppy is born we will contact you to confirm your acceptance of your new puppy.  At that time your deposit will become non refundable.


Our Health Guarantee

When you pick up your puppy, we will sign a copy of our official health guarantee contract.  You will keep the original and we will make a copy for our files.  Our Health Guarantee covers 2 years of any life threating genetic health issue.  If you have further specific questions or would like to review a copy prior to purchasing a puppy please feel free to  contact us.

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Thank you for your understanding and respect of Arizona Goldendoodles Policies!

Our family and dogs appreciate it.