The following are answers to our most asked questions.  If you have questions that are not included below please contact us.

How big will the puppies get?

Our Standard Size puppies will grow to be around 40-60 pounds.

Our Miniature Size puppies will grow to be around 20-30 pounds.

Can I visit my puppy before the day I bring him/her home?

No, since we are a small family breeder, we ask that the day you meet your puppy is the day you bring him/her home.  Ensuring the health and well-being of your puppy is our first priority.

When can I pick up my puppy?

Approximately 8 weeks after birth.

How do I adopt one of Arizona Goldendoodles puppies?

Please review our process here.

Do your puppies shed?

Although first generation Goldendoodles shed low to none at all, we do not guarantee that your puppy will not shed.  Our Golden Retriever mom’s, have rough coats which are the lowest shedding type of coat.

What type of food are you feeding the puppies?

We feed our puppies Royal Canin.  You will receive a small bag of the same type we are feeding him/her in your take home package.

Is there a difference between the temperament and size of male and female Goldendoodles?

There is little to no difference in temperament and size between males and females.  Each dog will have it’s own temperament but every type can be found in either males or females.

How long is the average wait time on the waitlist?

It depends on how narrow your specifications are, it can be from 4 months to a year.

Are Goldendoodles good with children?

Yes, they are great with children and are known for being the perfect family dog due to their natural ability to love everyone.

Does Arizona Goldendoodles sell puppies for pets?

Yes, although we do place our puppies for use as therapy or service dogs, a lot of our puppies are adopted out as family pets.

Where is Arizona Goldendoodles located?

Peoria, AZ

Do you ship puppies?

No, not at this time.  However, if you purchase a puppy from out of state, we will try to accommodate your needs.  Many of our customers find that flying in to pick up their puppy is not only less stressful but less expensive than having them shipped.

Are the Arizona Goldendoodles puppies registered? 

No, while all of our parent dogs are AKC registered, there are no accredited hybrid registration clubs at this time.

Does Arizona Goldendoodles ever give breeding right?

No, all puppies are sold on a strict spay or neuter contract.

Does Arizona Goldendoodles train the puppies? 

No, however we will provide support and information about trainers that we have vetted.