goldendoodles as Service dogs

They lend a helping paw whenever and however their owner needs one, making Goldendoodles one of the top breeds used as service dogs. 


According to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act),  Service Dogs are “any dog which is specifically trained to perform tasks for a disabled individual that they would otherwise have difficulty completing on their own”.

Most Common types of Service Dogs are:

Arizona Goldendoodles

Autism Assistance Dogs

Trained to assist in calming, teaching life skills, maintaining personal boundaries, finding a “runner”, etc.  An overall companion.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Seizure Response Dogs

Trained to respond to their owners seizures via trained tasks.  Such as retrieve medication, alert that a seizure will happen, alert a nearby person to help or call 911 via a special alert system when owner is not responding. 

Arizona Goldendoodles

Mobility Support Dogs

Trained to provide bracing or counterbalancing for owners who have balance issues due to a disability.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Diabetic Alert Dogs

Trained to alert the owner when he/she has dangerous or potentially deadly blood sugar highs or lows.  Some can even call 911 with a special K-9 Alert Phone if owner cannot be roused.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Hearing Dogs

Trained to alert hearing or deaf owners to specific environmental sounds; such as, alarms, doorbells, knocking, cars, or their name.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Medical Alert Dogs

Trained to alert the owner to their dangerous physiological changes such as blood pressure, hormone levels, etc.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Psychiatric Service Dogs

Trained to assist their owner with any type of task related to their Psychiatric disability such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Allergy Alert Dogs

Trained to alert owner of life-threatening allergens that may be in the surrounding area, such as tree nuts, gluten, or shellfish.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Visual Assistance Dogs

Trained to help guide their visually impaired or blind owner.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Wheelchair Assistance Dogs

Trained to assist their owner by retrieving dropped objects, opening doors, helping with transfers, and anything else he/she needs. 



Goldendoodles are born to do whatever helps or makes you happy.


Take a look at some of Arizona Goldendoodles as Service Dogs.

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