goldendoodles as therapy dogs

They help lift spirits, brighten the day, and motivate people during their treatment and/or therapy which makes them the perfect therapy dogs. 


Therapy dogs are dogs that has been trained to provide affection and comfort to individuals that are in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, and hospices.  They also help please with learning disabilities and individuals how are dealing with stressful situations. 

Three most common types are:

Arizona Goldendoodles

Therapeutic Visitation Dog

Pets whose owners have trained them to be able to visit hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitating facilities, etc.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Animal Assisted Therapy

Dogs that assist physical and occupational therapists in helping individuals meet goals that are important for recovery and living life to the fullest.

Arizona Goldendoodles

Facility Therapy Dog

Dogs that live at a facility; with a trained handler, where they can help keep patients with Alzheimer’s disease or other mental illnesses safe from harm.



Everything Goldendoodles do, they do because of love.


Take a look at Arizona Goldendoodles as Therapy Dogs.

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